Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A.
Catalyst for Individual and Organizational Brilliance and Profitable Growth

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What’s Possible?

Anything you can imagine you can create!

Welcome to Performance By Design, LLC!

We are an organizational development, management consulting, and executive coaching company dedicated to individual and organizational brilliance, innovation and profitable growth. We apply cutting edge psychology, leadership, neuroscience and the organizational design sciences, to catapult performance, productivity, and bottom-line business performance.

We encourage our clients to expand their possibilities and perform beyond their wildest expectations, and we design and deliver the human and organizational systems to enable their success.

Note: If you are an individual looking for life and career coaching, or counseling services, please call Karen directly at 303-506-6745.

"Karen Storsteen is brilliant!"
~ Mike Gordon, Chairman of the Board, QRS

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