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Organizational Development & Effectiveness


Catapulting performance, productivity, and bottom-line business performance.

Designing and delivering human and organizational systems that enable success.

Dramatically increasing client efficiency, while improving client clarity, decision-making, & problem-solving.

Unleashing your organization's highest level of intelligence - Intuitive Intelligence

Unleashing Everyday Brilliance!

Catapulting Start-Ups, Medium, and Fortune 500 Companies

“Over the past twenty years, I have served at the forefront of the leadership, management, and organizational design sciences. Although our greatest asset, the brain has been underutilized with little focus on how to access and heighten the power of the mind and effectively leverage this genius within the organization. We are ready to evolve to unprecedented levels of human functioning wherein we will utilize the capabilities that already reside within us. The conditions and conflicts of today are the wake-up call to listen to our intuitive intelligence. Your brilliance is ever-expanding, limitless, and all-encompassing.”


~ Karen Storsteen M.S., M.A.

Featured In

A New Paradigm For Human Potential and

Attaining Your Organization's Highest Level of

Intelligence and Performance...

Achieve Results You Never Thought Possible!


“Karen’s ability to gain insights about our organization was astounding. She quickly developed innovative solutions that were organic to our company’s culture. Karen possesses a unique combination of business savvy, extraordinary intuition, diplomacy, and possibly most important – candor. Karen facilitated the redesign of a critical component of our business that is having a positive bottom-line impact. She is remarkable!”

Mark Jarman, President, Inovonics Corporation

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