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  • “Karen’s ability to gain insights about our organization was astounding. She quickly developed innovative solutions that were organic to our company’s culture. Karen possesses a unique combination of business savvy, extraordinary intuition, diplomacy, and possibly most important – candor. Karen facilitated the redesign of a critical component of our business that is having a positive bottom-line impact. She is remarkable!”"
    Mark Jarman, President, Inovonics Corporation
  • “Karen Storsteen set my life back on track. In working with her, you will feel empowered and confident that you can overcome any barrier. You will feel whole again and have a pure vision of yourself that will enable you to self-actualize, to reach your greatest potential. If every human could meet with Karen, the world would be an immeasurably better place.”"
    Marcus Chamberland, former City Editor of the Denver Post, President, Fat Toad Communications
  • “Insight, clarity, wisdom and actionable suggestions–those are a few among many contributions Karen has made to me personally and to my friends and colleagues. She combines solid business experience with “out of the box” thinking. Karen Storsteen is a gifted coach, advisor, intuitive and practical consultant.”"
    Robert White, Chairman of the Board, Extraordinary People, LLC, Leadership Expert, Author
  • “Karen Storsteen delivers a powerful and meaningful message to the world. I am blown away by her knowledge, talents, intuition and ultimately, impact on organizations. She is one of the best presenters and writers I have ever observed and her work continues to serve Regis University and its’ students as an example of excellence.”"
    Robert D. Collins, Ed.D., Professor, MA Program, Past Program Chair, Regis University
  • “Karen helped our Company design a strategic growth strategy and human resource strategy. She is amazingly innovative, intuitive and bright and she helped align my team to my vision. I invited her to speak to my customers where she provided them with practical advice to radically improve their businesses. She was quoted as the star of our show!”"
    David Sheriff, President, Visual Business Solutions Inc.
  • “No one I know is better adept than Karen Storsteen at teaching us how to switch on the neural circuits for foresight, insight and intuition to magnify intellectual power. That’s intelligence raised to the level of the mystical, which as Einstein stated, is ‘the sower of all true art and science.’ Karen makes it easy to attain.”"
    Don Joseph Goewey, Author of Mystic Cool and President of ProAttitude, former Executive of Stanford University Medical School
  • “Karen possesses a unique set of skills that I have not seen bundled into one person in my 25 year professional career. She has intuitive people skills combined with a keen knowledge of process that is truly exceptional. I have seen Karen counsel executives in their personal goals and tie them to their organizational goals that create successful executives and organizations. Karen has a very active interest in teaching people to access their spirituality and use those skills in building their life successes. We have collaborated on designing a university program syllabus where she used her intuitive and technical skills to create a focused program which attracts a diverse group of women students. I view Karen as one of the most talented and most effective colleagues whom I trust implicitly.”
    David Johnson, Ph.D., M.S., M.A., Partner, Catapult CFO Partners, LLC, former co-founder of Sprint
  • “You are one of the most dynamic and brilliant people I have ever met. You are remarkable at making memorable connections.”
    Angela, Great-West Life
  • “Karen Storsteen embodies what she teaches — she is truly an intuitive leader. Karen is grounded in a strong foundation of science, business, and psychology, while also being almost magical in her ability to empower people with their own intuition.”"
    Dr. Lee Jampolsky, Psychologist and Author of “Healing the Addictive Personality,” and “Smile for No Good Reason”
  • “Spend two hours with Karen and change your life!”
    Robert White, Chairman of the Board, Extraordinary People, Leadership Expert, Author
  • “Storsteen's intuitive insights were like a good eyeglass cleaning! The ‘specks of doubt’ were gone! I was able to clearly see where, when and how to live my creative experience. I want more!”"
    Lon Van Eaton, Producer, Recording Artist with the Beatles, Eric Clapton
  • "No one I know is better adept than Karen Storsteen at teaching us how to switch on the neural circuits for foresight, insight, and intuition to magnify intellectual power. That's intelligence raised to the level of the mystical, which as Einstein stated, is 'the sower of all true art and science.' Karen makes it easy to attain."​"
    Don Joseph Goewey, President of ProAttitude, Author of Mystic Cool (former executive of Stanford University Medical School)​
  • “Karen has been there, done that, and provides practical, no non-sense advice to grow and turnaround companies.”"
    Carrie Hugus, Vice President, Red Rocks Federal Credit Union
  • “I’m always impressed with Karen’s ability to bring people and projects together to create success for all. She has far reaching capability to see the need and actively become the catalyst for improvement, whether it be restructuring an organization or helping leaders hone their leadership skills. Karen’s intuitive ability provides an insight to what makes people tick and ultimately sustainable performance improvement. I would recommend Karen to those looking to improve their leadership presence or those looking for improved organizational performance.”"
    Steve Sorenen, M.S., Talk Show Host, Leadership Coach and Business Consultant
  • "Karen is interesting, educational, entertaining and funny! What a great course!"​"
    Elaine - participant at Colorado Free University
  • Karen Storsteen is the leading authority on Intuitive Leadership. She is the best speaker we have ever had!""
    James Chris Balle, Programs Officer, Mensa The High IQ Society
  • "Karen can change lives. She shows you a new perspective that gives you the power to let go of fear so you can trust all aspects of your life and enjoy the journey."​"
    Carrie Stark Hugus, Best Selling Author, "Crossing 13" and former VP of Red Rocks Federal Credit Union
  • “Karen Storsteen excels in every endeavor she takes on, whether it be executive coaching, organizational alignment, or applying her innate intuitive abilities in her private practice. I've had the pleasure to partner with Karen as co-host of the Leading From Within talk radio show, and am amazed at her exceptional skills of providing advice, suggestions, and tutelage to callers from around the country. Karen has particularly impacted the direction of the talk show itself and is a big part of the reason our numbers are soaring. If you get the chance to work with Karen or seek out her intuitive advice as a medium, don't hesitate. She is the best of the best!”"
    Greg Giesen, Leading From Within Co-host, Leadership Coach, Author, Professor at The University of Denver
  • "Karen is brilliant."​"
    Michael Gordon, Chairman of the Board of Quality Rail Systems
  • Karen is grounded in a strong foundation of science, psychology, and business while being almost magical in her ability to empower people with their own intuition.""
    Dr. Lee Jampolsky, Psychologist and author of Healing The Addictive Personality and Smile For No Reason
  • “Karen is intuitive and aware and sees possibilities that are invisible to others.""
    Dr. David Becker, Psy.D.
  • "Karen is tremendously insightful, helpful and focused. After working with Karen, I have been able to shift how I see myself and my role so that I can move forward with confidence knowing that I am adding real value. Karen is easy to work with, honest and very skilled.""
    Laura Drury, COO of Mile Hi Church, Project Manager at Qwest
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