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For over twenty-five years, Ms. Storsteen has educated thousands of individuals in the areas of innovation, leadership, human, intuitive, and organizational development. She has also developed corporate universities for technical employee training.


Participants include executives, leaders, managers, project managers, 

employees, and entrepreneurs.

“Karen possesses a unique set of skills that I have not seen bundled into one person in my 25-year professional career. She has intuitive people skills combined with a keen knowledge of process that is truly exceptional. I have seen Karen counsel executives in their personal goals and tie them to their organizational goals that create successful executives and organizations. Karen has a very active interest in teaching people how to access their spirit and strengths and use those skills in building their life successes. We have collaborated on designing a university program curriculum for entrepreneurs where she used her intuitive and technical skills to create a focused program that attracts a diverse group of women students. I view Karen as one of the most talented and most effective colleagues whom I trust implicitly.”


- David Johnson, Ph.D., M.S., M.A., CFO, Partner, Catapult CFO Partners, LLC, former co-founder of Sprint

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