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What We Do

The most successful companies contact us when they want to take their organization to unprecedented levels of human functioning.


They realize that processes, technologies, and products can easily be duplicated by competitors and employ us to elevate the minds, ingenuity, and brilliance of the organization using our applied research methods and groundbreaking approaches.

Executive Coaching

Organizational Consulting





Intuitive Consulting

“Karen Storsteen embodies what she teaches — she is truly an intuitive leader. Karen is grounded in a strong foundation of science, business, and psychology, while also being almost magical in her ability to empower people with their own intuition.”

- Dr. Lee Jampolsky, Psychologist and Author of “Healing the Addictive Personality,” and “Smile for No Good Reason”

Clients Seek Our Services When Experiencing

  • Low morale/employee dissatisfaction

  • "Problem" employees

  • Customer dissatisfaction

  • Work process issues (delays, quality, rework, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness)

And When They Want To

  • Increase Profits

  • Cut Costs

  • Clarify their business strategy

  • Increase productivity

  • Develop new products & services

  • Improve leader & employee performance

  • Improve morale

Individual Leaders & Employees Seek Our Coaching When They Want To:

  • Heighten self, team, and organizational performance

  • Progress from successful to exceptional

  • Gain clarity

  • “Get unstuck”

  • Unleash their unlimited potential

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve relationships

  • Move with ease through a difficult life or work transition

  • Make a job or career transition

  • Improve social, emotional, practical, analytical, creative and intuitive intelligence

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