Intuitive Consulting

Karen is known around the globe for her extraordinary intuitive talents and applies her abilities to bring clarity to people and organizations within minutes.

She has helped individuals and companies increase productivity and performance exponentially, as clients use her intuitive insights to make the right decisions right now.

“No one I know is better adept than Karen Storsteen at teaching us how to switch on the neural circuits for foresight, insight, and intuition to magnify intellectual power. That’s intelligence raised to the level of the mystical, which as Einstein stated, is the ‘sower of all true art and science.’ Karen makes it easy to attain.”

Don Joseph Goewey, Author of Mystic Cool and President of Pro Attitude (former Executive of Stanford University Medical School)

Leaders & Individuals Employ Karen's Intuitive Acumen To"

  • Identify business opportunities

  • Prevent business threats

  • Make career decisions

  • Determine sales and marketing opportunities

  • Select the right companies to acquire

  • Hire and promote the right people

  • Analyze competitors

  • Design new products

  • Improve relationships

  • Make smart financial decisions

  • Resolve personal life issues and identify opportunities

  • Gain clarity on most any subject

Karen provides these services in person or over the phone on an hourly or monthly retainer basis.

  • "Karen is a leading expert in applying intuition in business."

    - Robert White, Chairman of the Board, Extraordinary People

  • “Karen is intuitive and aware and often sees possibilities in situations that are invisible to other people.”

    - Dr. David Becker, Clinical Psychologist

  • “Karen Storsteen is a remarkably strong and clear facilitator of information. Her relaxed and down-to-earth approach made it possible for me to have a deeply moving and meaningful experience. I recommend her highly as an intuitive.”

    - Frank DeMarco, Chief Editor and Chairman of the Board, Hampton Roads Publishing

  • “Karen Storsteen is the leading expert in the area of Intuitive Leadership.  I booked Karen as our keynote speaker and her presentation was outstanding and enthusiastically applauded!  She is the best speaker we have ever had!”

    - James Balle, Programs Officer for Denver Mensa, The High IQ Society

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