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About Karen

Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A., is an executive coach, management and organizational effectiveness consultant, psychotherapist, educator, and intuitive.


She has worked as a management and human development consultant and coach for 25 years. In 1999, she founded Performance by Design, LLC, a consulting company dedicated to human performance improvement, innovation and profitable organizational growth.

Karen has worked with some of the most highly respected executives in the world and has been recognized by Microsoft Corporation, Mobil Oil, OSHA, the Project Management Institute, MENSA, higher education, and several media professionals (to name a few).

She is known as a leading expert in the area of Intuitive Leadership and pioneer in using intuitive intelligence (neurologically our highest level of intelligence) to catapult organizations. 

Karen Storsteen M.A., M.S. | Executive Coach | Leadership Development | Management Consultant

At the request of NASA's first Chief Knowledge Officer and the Distinguished Chair of Management and Finance of Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, Ms. Storsteen wrote the leading chapter of the textbook, "Developing Informed Intuition for Decision-Making", CRC Press, 2019.


Karen has helped client organizations become market leaders, increase productivity by 200 percent, double in financial value in six months, and dramatically improve employee and customer satisfaction.


Ms. Storsteen is a well-recognized speaker, facilitator, and writer. She has created several universities for Fortune 500 companies and consulted to higher education. In addition, Storsteen has educated thousands of individuals in the areas of human, organizational, leadership, and intuitive development through such organizations as the Project Management Institute, MENSA, and American Society of Association Executives.


Storsteen also appears regularly on FM and talk radio, as well as other media. She has been a contributing writer to TED, Inc., and Discover Magazines, as well as featured on ABC, NBC, and CBS.


In her private counseling practice, Karen helps people self-actualize to reach their greatest potential and shift from stress and depression to peace, joy, and neurological power. She helps people let go of limiting thoughts and behaviors to experience the miraculous and catapult their lives forward.  

Storsteen has a Master of Arts in Psychology (Graduate Honors) from Regis University. She also holds a Master of Science in Business Management and Organization, and Master’s Minor in Finance from the University of Colorado.  She possesses a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from San Diego State University. Storsteen holds numerous certifications in psychological, behavioral, and organizational assessment, change management, training systems design, and process reengineering.

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