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Executive Coaching

Coaching programs for executives & leaders are very powerful in bringing an individual's magnificence to light leading to results in work and life that are extraordinary.

We Facilitate Brilliance!


Karen integrates the sciences of psychology, leadership, intuition, quantum physics, psychophysiology, and neuroscience, with practical strategic business acumen, experience, and an open, supportive heart.


She works primarily over the phone to accommodate global clients. 

She is also a trusted advisor and can provide guidance on a “just-in-time” basis.

Leaders Gain

  • Clarity of vision

  • Wisdom

  • Intuition

  • Energy

  • Peace of mind

  • Power

  • Awareness

While Strengthening

  • Decision-making

  • Problem-solving

  • Leadership and relational capabilities

And Catapulting

  • Productivity and bottom-line results!

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